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EZRail Modular Ignition Wiring and Coil-Mounting Rail System Simplifies Engine Wiring

EZRail systems are complete wiring/mounting system from the ignition unit to the ignition coils. They're factory-built and thoroughly tested in Altronic’s Ohio facility.

EZRail eliminates hours of wire and conduit cutting in the field and guarantees against skinned insulation due to long conduit pulls.

The universal design takes advantage of standard cables, wiring rails and integral/flange or off-mounted coils (shielded or unshielded). EZRail systems can be cost-effectively configured for service in any hazardous or non-hazardous area. Optional bolt-on coil mounting rails give users a robust and reliable means of mounting ignition coils without compromising the integrity of the wiring rail or the ability of the rail to be serviced if necessary.

These systems are flexible and upgradable. If coil types are changed, e.g., from unshielded to shielded or integral, the same wiring rail can be used without modification. The same is true if the coil mounting rail is added later. Competing systems require a completely new, entirely different rail assembly.

Altronic uses only premium construction materials. No “pop rivets” or foam here — only high-quality aluminum extrusions, sealed junction boxes, and military-style connectors and harnesses are used. To insure long-term service, all connector back shells are potted and strain-relieved.

An ignition wiring rail is too critical to be a “disposable” item, so all EZRail systems are fully serviceable. Incorporating standard Altronic ignition components into the design, including the primary and secondary cables and leads, allows for quick, cost-effective repair and service in the field. In the unlikely event that the rail itself requires service (or if on-engine mechanical work is required), the EZRail system can be easily disconnected, removed, and re-installed.

Service makes the difference. EZRail is backed by the most capable and experienced gas engine accessory product distribution system in the world. At the end of the day, good product performance relies upon solid field service. Altronic Distributors and Dealers are unparalleled in their ability to deliver timely, high-quality technical services for all products, including the EZRail system.